Suppoprting the UAF (Unite against freedom)

The UAF (unite against facism) standing up to anything that looks remotely like it makes sense or British and who supports it ??

Before we go any further im going to introduce you to Andrew Gilligan in his own words this is what he says at the top of his coloum –

Right at the bottom is a link with a statement about the UAF  by paul weston from British freedom.

I’m the Telegraph’s London Editor. This blog is mostly about London. Our newspapers are where I write about everything else. Got a tip or a story for either? Email me at

What he writes makes alot of sense normally , i first came across him when he wrote about the new mayor of Tower Hamlets and wrote many truths about him , all that went unchallenged.

Going back to February 29th 2012 it was written in his coloum and also a blog called harrys place about Ken Livinstone and Azad Ali who was appointed the new vice-chair of Unite Against Fascism, ( a meal-ticket for the leadership of the Socialist Workers’ Party.)

Azad is the community affairs co-ordinator of the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, which controls the East London Mosque and which is dedicated, in its own words, to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed … from ignorance to Islam.” Through “hisbah” (the enforcement of Islamic law) and “jihad,” it aims to create a “global” Islamic dictatorship, the caliphate, and its “primary work” in this “is in Europe, because it is this continent, despite all the furore about its achievements, which has a moral and spiritual vacuum.”

You just need to google the IFE to find out about them and if you do it right once again you will come across the mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman who our friend Ken Livingstone supported in his election campaign , I am not going to tell you that when Ken entered a mosque during the Mayoral elections of London that he stated London would become a become of Islam and that no other religion was mentioned , I am not going to tell you because you properly already know this and it would bore you.

So if you support the UAF after reading that above , there is really no hope for you at all , but many people for whatever reason do.

The UAF stand up against the fascist and racist BNP and EDL so they say and they try and counter them whenever possible , I am not a huge fan of the BNP , but they are a legally registered political party so they have every right to stand , The EDL I know a bit more about and each and every time you see the EDL there will be people around from the UAF taking notes and pictures of what happens , now the EDL stand against militant Islam , so far so good , militant Islam are people like Anjem Choudray (remember him and his gang – they burnt poppies and went to the American Embassy when Bin Laden was eradicated  and mourned his death) they also call for sharia law in this country which , most normal people do not want and because it is aggressive , violent and it you are gay or a woman you need to be very careful becuase of how you are looked at and regarded.)

So that is another thing above as they stand against the EDL who stand against people like choudray and if you google child grooming they support child groomers who come in all shapes and sizes , but worse is to come earlier this year in Liverpool the IRA – Do you remember them had a march which patriots opposed becuase they are murderers and it was not the EDL who were there but UKIP(United kingdom independence party) rallied people against this and opposed this and the UAF opposed the people opposing the IRA march – How riduculas is that. – BUT THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE UAF.

Now moving on who else supports the UAF

Well in March Doreen Lawrence became an Honorary president of the UAF – Do you remember her ?

So far all these names are people who you should know and have heard of for various reason , Doreens son was murdered which is never nice.


On the UAF website there are lists of people and bands who support them and what they stand for some of them are called founding signatures..

I am going to list a few well known names for you and some not so well known but i will provide a link for the names so you can check them out yourselves – But all i ask you to do is remember them next time you vote of so something when one of these people are involved or one of these people back.

The List is copied from the UAF webpage so if it s out of date – i apologise. And it is not the full list either.


Ken Livingstone
Tony Benn
Peter Hain MP
David Hanson MP
Adam Price MP
Diane Abbott MP
John Cryer MP
John Trickett MP
Keith Vaz MP
Peter Bottomley MP
Sir Teddy Taylor MP
Harry Cohen MP 
Vera Baird MP
Bill Etherington MP (UKIP)
Edward Garnier MP
Roger Berry MP
Angela Smith MP
Brian Iddon MP
Neil Gerrard MP
Jane Griffiths MP
Brian Donohue MP
Helen Clark MP
Terry Davis MP
Janet Dean MP
Adrian Bailey MP
Louise Ellman MP
Eric Illsley MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP
Ernie Ross MP
Rob Marris MP
Martin Caton MP
Rudi Vis MP
Tony Worthington MP
Derek Watts MP
Julie Morgan MP
Rev W Martin Smyth MP
Diana Organ MP
Doug Henderson MP
Barry Gardiner MP


Brendan Barber
TUC General Secretary
Roger Lyons
TUC President and
AMICUS Joint Gen Sec
Dave Prentis
Gordon Taylor
Chief Exec PFA
Adrian Askew
Bob Crow
RMT Gen Sec
Doug Nichols
CYWU Gen Sec
Jeremy Dear
NUJ Gen Sec
Judy McKnight
NAPO Gen Sec
Kevin Curran
GMB Gen Sec
Mark Serwotka
PCS Gen Sec
Glenys Kinnock
Gary Titley MEP
Linda McAvan MEP
Glyn Ford MEP
Chris Heaton-Harris MEP
Claude Moraes MEP
Phillip Whitehead MEP
Stephen Hughes MEP

David Seymour

Political Editor,
Daily Mirror
Afzal Khan
North West rep Muslim Council of Britain
Benjamin Zephaniah
Beresford Mack
Choice FM
Bobbie Miles
The 1990 Trust,
Asst. Director
Carolyn Jones
Director, Institute of Employment Rights
Clive Mardner
Director Essex REC
Dr. Siddiqui
Muslim Parliament
George Anthony-Maggie Bowden
Hilary Wainwright
Editor, Red Pepper
John Haylett
Editor, Morning Star
Leroy Logan
Metrpolitan Black Police Association Chair
Louise Christian
Human Rights Lawyer
Louise Hutchins
Luciana Burger
There are many many names and if you like to the UAF page you can see 3 lists to look at
Oh and I think if you have not realised by now I am not a fan of the UAF and would never support them.
Please have a look at the links and pass this on for others to read so they know , it is important people know and understand who supports what.
UAF page link
Doreen Lawrence Link
Andrew Gilligan Link
A link to Harrys blog via a statement by Paul Weston

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IM IN BRITAIN , I am staying in Britain , You can get rid of me


WELCOME TO BRITAIN , Our border agency staff are undermanned and over worked please feel free to pass though without being checked or questioned.

WELCOME TO BRITAIN , Our border agency staff are currently on strike , so please pass through without being checked and enjoy your stay here.

When you visit somebodies home there is never a list on the door saying please abide by these rules ,but it is common courtesy to be polite and do as somebody asks when in thier home and you undoubtedly would expect the same when someone visits you too , because if they did not you would ask them to leave or kick them out.

So why is it that our country different , if you come to our country you should be expected to abide by our laws and inter-grate with the people whom you are visiting and that would go for any country in the world , but hold on a second it is not happening here because we have signed up to the human rights charter and it is being abused by people.

People who come here as a guest and this should be regardless of weather you are coming in on a student visa , a work visa , a holiday or an asylum seeker should know and understand that when you are here you will abide by our laws and if you fail to do so we will if the crime is server enough deport you without question or hesitation.

An Asylum seeker is somebody who seeks refuge in this country as a safe haven from another country because their life is at risk for some reason or another and the British government have given them the right to stay here because of that reason and they like everyone else need to understand come here and abide by our laws , we will deport you if your crime is sufficient enough to warrant it , that sounds harsh and it possibly is harsh but we need to make sure people understand and i am in no way advocating sending someone back to be hurt or murdered.

Reading an article in the Telegraph  they made a FIR (Freedom of information request) and , disclosed to The Telegraph under the Freedom of Information Act, show that there were 56 such cases in 2008, rising to 80 in 2009, 217 in 2010 and 250 in 2011 and that:

• In 2011, at least one terrorist – and possibly up to four – was allowed to stay, as well as up to eight killers and rapists. Also among the total were 20 robbers and up to eight paedophiles, plus as many as four people convicted of firearms offences.

On top of that you find

In addition to the 250 criminals allowed to stay last year, other figures have previously disclosed there were a further 409 who won their cases in the courts after bringing appeals.

Anybody who breaks the law by the act of murder  , paedophilia , a sex crime or something that puts this country or the people of this country at risk and is a security risk should be removed  , currently if you immigration control carry out a raid and find somebody who is illegal they will not remove them if they can not find their passport and prove what country they come from , hence they will be arrested and given bail until it is proven where they come from , but stop a minute if you are that illegal person and you are given bail , if you have any sense and are requested to go back on a siad date to sign a register , you would think twice or maybe not, because i would disappear into the wood work and never be seen again.

So if we take a step back and say to somebody we are going to deport you to country A if you do not tell us where you come from and that person is not from there and does not speak the language I do think they would tell them cos being dumped somewhere and not understanding the language would definately put me off and make me speak up so I did not go to some country I knew nothing about.


Excuse’s being used to stay in the country when they are trying to deport people is normally the fact that they have a family in the country , but they have broken the law and they knew when that happened they would put at risk their status and its a gamble that they took and lost.

Sometimes now the home office do not even fight cases becuase they know they will lose and that is really sad – I have a family and I am going to stay , Yes i feel sorry for the family but the country comes first each and every time.

With a view to the people who go awol when they arrested apparently there are about 3,900 people who are missing and that’s the ones they know about , it is very sad as police or immigration have spent time and resources tracking them down and processing them to lose them.

Some countries even make it difficult for the UK border agency to return people to them thus we have to hold them here and keep them because they take a long time to get documents of do not send them , then you have it that people are deported and then returned cos they have told the countries border agency that they do not come from there , to them its a game , but to us its time and money.

In 2008

Migration Watch chairman Sir Andrew Green fumed: “The Human Rights Act is focused on the rights of foreign criminals. It ignores the rights of British people who have to put up with the risk of further offences.”


On the other side you have people whom have done service in the British armed forces and put thier life on the line for the country and they are being denied the right to stay ??

One rule for one , another for somebody who actually cares , a two tier system , but we know there are many places where 2 tiers operate in this country.

Commonwealth recruits to the British forces can claim citizenship after four years’ service.

But an investigation has found that a growing number are being refused it. Unable to work or claim benefits, they and their families rely on charity handouts to survive and our government should hang their heads in shame for doing this , but in reality they do not care.

Gurkha’s last year we high in profile because they were being refused pensions (i think) after serving in this country and Joanna Lumley helped with them but it should not happen in the first place , it is just so wrong and our priority’s need to be looked at.


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Dont respect Israelie dead

In 1972 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympic games.

In Memoriam: A moment of silence for the Munich 11

Above picture of the Victims of Munich


There have been calls for a moment pof silence to remember those who died.

The IOC – International Olympic committe have refused to do it point blankly and there is no turning thier heads.

It has been questioned why becuase it would not be the first time as two years ago at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, luge track slider Nodar Kumaritashvili died in a training accident and that there was a moment of silence at the opening of the Olympic Games, as well as speeches and condolences

So what is the difference

Ankie Spitzer, the widow of murdered fencer Andrei Spitze who has been trying to get this to happen and asked weather it was because they were Isrealies and Jews , but more importantly she has been told by the IOC over many years that the Arab nations would object to it.

This was reported in the Jewish Chronicle on July 12th

The London Games chair, Lord Coe, told staff at the London Assembly he would hold a “personal moment” for the athletes killed by Palestinian terrorists, but did not elaborate on what that meant. Joanna Manning-Cooper, head of PR at London 2012, said Lord Coe was not free to clarify further, but said he had been “available for seven years” before the final Olympic weeks.

It should happen as a mark of respect to those who died , but even though Lord Coe has said something will happen the question is , will it actually get off the ground , it is something that i would like to see happen , but i am sceptical about it.


If you do not know what happened here is a run down of what occured – it was September 1972 , It happened between the 5th and 6th of september.

Members of the Israelie Olympic team were taken hostage by the Palestinian group Black September.Shortly after the crisis began, the Palestinians demanded the release of 234 prisoners held in Israeli jails.

It is 40 years since this happened and it would be an apt time to remember them , there hould be no fear in doing this as people say you should not bring politics into sport and by not doing this you overshadow the sport with politics

Last Sunday the European Jewish parliament remembered the atheletes and many people and many countrie support this rememberance youjust have to google it to see how many people do including British MP’s

Those who died had thier names cited by the European Jewish parliament and I name them all out of respect.

 Moshe Weinberg

Yossef Romano

Ze’ev Friedman

David Berger

Yakov Springer

Eliezer Halfin

Yossef Gutfreund

Kehat Shorr

Mark Slavin

Andre Spitzer

Amitzur Shapira.

I provide you below with a link to the Wikipedia write up which is clear and consice about the whole event

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7/7 Bombers wife taunting the police

Samantha Lethwaite the wife of Jermaine Lindsay one of the 7/7 bombers is on the run.

Samantha (pictured below) is taunting the police with an online blog.

Wanted: Samantha Lewthwaite's husband was a suicide bomber in the deadly 7/7 attack

A website used by the muslim youth centre which is a radical Kenyan pro-jihadi movement says it appears she is Somalia and has been connected to terror attacks in East Africa.

It would appear her husband taught her well , but whilst he killed himself and others , it would appear that she is more lethal , being able to hide and being hidden by people and protected .

Quite often men show Bravdo with posturing and fighting , but leave it at that , how ever a woman especially this woman looks like she might well be worse , if she is not caught she will recrauit and train and kill.

Known according to the anonymous entry on the website and writted by another female , a sympathiser in Tanzania (so it appears) as “Dada Mzungu”, which means “white sister” in Swahili , this is what they say they are calling her in terror circles – it would appear to be a kind of worship , maybe that is related to the fact that her husband already has murdered people and that she will be better than him !!

The article says she has given herself to Allah as his femal soldier and every muslim sister wants to be like her – This is where bodies such as the muslim council of Great Britain should be seen to stand up and say what she is doing is wrong and that she is a very crazy woman , but I doubt you will see this and you will be unamazed by the silence you see.

Being protected by al-Shabaab, the country’s militant Islamist army (Kenya) means she has a lot of protection and it will be hard to find and get at her.

A diary she kept was revealed by the daily telegraph in march and an entry in it says that Habib Saleh Ghani, also wanted by Kenyan police gave a talk to her 2 children ??, Her eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter and allegedly they stated (according to the daily mail) that they wanted to be “mujahid” or holy warriors ?

Indoctoration of children’s minds especially at such a young age will mean you will capture them for life they will grow up thinking the way you have educted them so to say.

Any parent knows that a child will grow and listern and form thier own opinions but if you drive something into them long enough and often enough they will become what you want them to be , being in a mind set like this that everything the west does is wrong everything outside of Islam s wrong and only Islam and its people should survive is a chilling thought as they will talk , teach and educate others as they get older – Its like an assembly line waiting for instructions to murder people when asked –

There are many links and storys about this woman if you google her name ,but the biggest thing that they all indicate is that SHE IS A THREAT to anybody and that she will kill people maybe not first hand , but by showing people how to do it.

2 links i will provide one is a daily telegraph link and the other is a free public domain page

Someone needs to find her and stop her and whilst our military are trying to work with and help those in Afganistan and are getting killed for doing so , maybe they should come home and stand with us and protect our own country , becuase people like this woman and others are a threat and I expect oe day if she has not done so already she will come back to where she came from.

The Question is when and what will she do

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RAPE – Its the fault of the woman

Lets make something very clear here before I continue , The above is just a title and NO it is not something that I agree with.

If you read on you will understand why I have chosen the title.


Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana

The picture above is of Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana a 33 year old muslim convert is trying to change the law !!

The laws he is trying to change are in Canada , He says canadian laws should be changed so women have to cover up , thus preventing sexual assults , He emailed the Toronto Sun and said “..these sex attacks are continuously happening is because (of) Canadian laws, which give too much freedom to women” when it comes to how they dress.” , They should be more like muslim women who cover themselves and wear long dressess!! And do not become targets for these attacks.

According to a 2008 report from the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, 83% of Egyptian women had experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault at some point. And well, over half of those surveyed around 70% wore veils of some kind, particularly head scarves.

So the above actually proves what thsis guy is saying as wrong and we know that Islam is the religon of peace.

In a different article in the Toronto Sun it says that many Muslim men do not understand the need for consent in a sexual relationship and that rape is normal rather than criminal , Personally I will never understand how someone can think that rape is normal.

I hear you saying that this is just one man who is actually countered in the Toronto Sun by a woman from the Muslim Institute for women if you read the article which is good to say , But the question is , Is it just one man or is it more , is it an epidemic and should we be worried.

Look around you and see what is happening , the many recent cases of child grooming , Also look at the schools which are taking measures to make it against school policy to for girls to wear skirts , is there a reason behind this , It at the moment is not that many  but every so often you hear of a school changing its rules – Why ??

According to Atangana men will pounce given the chance and seeing a scantily clad woman will drive them to it – so he says it is down to how the woman dressess.

We are seeing more and more of these types of beliefs and events occuring , it is like we are being drip fed news to prepare us for something.

These people if they choose to promote Islam of any kind should be done so in accordance with the law and customs of the country that they are in and inthe western world Women are allowed to dress as they should be however they wish to  , so if the sun is out and its a nice day , you will see women out and about in short skirts or shorts or if they are going out with somebody in the evening they may want to look good and flashing the flesh is not a bad thing.

I will provide you with 3 links to read and would like to thank Jihad Watch for the story which is where i first found it.

The 3 Links are

The first Link Jihad Watch

The next link is the Toronto Sun which has a poll init which i would ask you to vote on.

And the last Link is the Toronto sun again , News Toronto and GTA which has a video attached

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You really have to look around to reach a verdict , but then it also depends on what you are looking around at and where you are living.

Lets start with a bit of FACT (allegedly) and go from there. It comes from something called Left Futures and was published in November 2011 – Looking at the title is enough to know what side of the sword they will fall on –

Anyway it says that 83% of muslims asked (it ever stated how many were asked) when asked to agree or disagree with the question “Im proud to be a British citizen” agreed and only  79% who were non muslim agreed.

But then if I was asked the question I would always say that I am English first and British second and I truely believe many Scots , Welsh and Irish people would say the same.

Moving back to the question fact or fiction.

Well the first mosque was inaugarated in London in 1926 so muslims are not new to the country ,although they are a lot more vocal.

Now look at the whole country and according to the UK mosque searcher there are 1620 mosques in the UK which are legal  , there are some which are used nd f you watch the right pages on twitter and facebook , you will see this , that are classed as community centres , but used by muslims to pray in on a regular basis.

Now going over to the left side of things and thats people like the UAF / Hope not hate , the people called the ANTIFA or Anti-facists you would think by what they say everything is normal and everything they write , do or say indicates this.

The UAF / ANTIFA have been seen supporting Groomers or peadophilies and IRA (Irish republican Army) marches in Liverpool , They have also been seen opposing anything that is remotly English or British and in doing so stood against the St.Georges day march in Brighton again this year in big numbers and oppose anything that says we are patriots.

A group all be it small actually opposed the establishment on the weekend of the Jubilee and also the Royal wedding , these groups were small but , it is still a sign saying with intent we will stand up to anything that goes against what we think.


Ok now look at the arrests that have taken place over the last few weeks Richard Dart or the Famous now outlawed Muslims against the crusaders was dragged of the street in London shortly after 3 arrests were made in connection with the nail bomb which was found in a car that was apparently designed to be aimmed at the English defence league.

There are many other arrests which have been made around the country over the last few months and occurances all that say these extremists have an intent to obstruct or destroy anything that opposes thier views and beliefs , these numbers also appear to be growing as MI5 said a few weeks back British people are going to conflict zones to train and find conflict.

This is a worry becuase it is like a preperation for something what has not actually happened here or something that might happen , again look at the security that is being used for the London Olympics and wonder what they are trying to stop , then you take a back step and look at the report about 2 weeks ago where a so called extremist who was not meant to be anywhere near the Olympic stadium in Strattford and was tagged actually used a train to see how close he could get ? and becuase he was not being monitored when he should have been , went past it without interuption again the question I would ask is WHY? and who was he with and what did they gain knowledge of whilst doing this.

You then move on to the Halal meat and if you do not know already , you will soon do by searching the internet or going on and knowing that most food you eat nowadays is Halal or Halal certifed which basically means it is slaughtered in line with traditional islamic traditions – now this is where I point out I have no problem with muslims eating halal products but everybody should be given a choice and as a christian I would prefer to eat normal foods not blessed to a god or prophet which I do not believe in.

Schools and teachers , If you are a teacher or a policeman it is illegal I believe to belong to the BNP , so on the other side should it not be illegal to belong to hope not hate or the UAF becuase if the BNP is excessively right wing are the others not excessively left wing which is as bad.

In schools nowadays and I know this for a fact in what I would call religous education children are being taught Islam – no problem there as its good to understand bits and pieces – but when parents have asked about Christianity  , the answers that they are getting are it is not on the cirriculam or there is no time. Is our country not based on christian beleifs , I know not everybody will believe in God  , but Christmas and my upbringing , my parents up bringing an dthier parents upbringing has been based along the lines of christianity that I would say is over 100 years of beliefs if not alot more alone.

Going back with the schools we have the Halal being served as a matter of principal along with many supermarkets selling it and many resaturants serving it – have you ever asked what am I eating here please.

Wembley stadium the home of English football serves it and the Olympic villiage and its restaurants will only serve it – thats if you can get through security of course –

Then we have places like Rochdale and in Rochdale the Greater Manchester shopping centre in 2010 had some new tiolets put in and 2 of the 14 were squat tiolets becuase of the large muslim community ther , but surely if they are born in Britain or have come to Britain they should adapt to how we do things which is excatly what I would do if I moved to somewhere where things were done in a different way.

On the streets you see many what I wold call sterotyped men who look muslim becuase of the style of either dress  or the beards which are quite prominant and also the women who wear the full black gown and the burkha , they are more prominant now than they were 3 possible 4 years ago and that is either becuase there are more muslims around or they are more confident about walking the streets because of their numbers.

You have people like Ken Livingstone who tried to pander to them in the London Mayoral elections and lost when he said London will become a beacon of Islam if he is elected ? Question I would put to him there if I had met him on my travels is why and what about the Jewish people , christians , Hindu’s and sikhs where do they fit into you plans , but then from history we know that Red Ken does not like Jewish people and that in the 1980’s he flew the Black flag over the GLC building which was running London to mourn the deaths of some IRA people.

Then we have Cherri Blairs sister who converted to Islam and spoke at Al-Quds last year in Trafalgar square after patriots were removed and critisized the west and condemned Isreal , and Georege “the cat” Galloway who is now MP for Bradford who went into a labour strong hold and turned it over simply by going for the asian vote , now I am aware that not every asian person is a muslim , but he aimmed for the muslim vote got it and won as did his Respect party councillors a while later.

There are all signs that something is happening and sometimes you have to ask yourself if it is me that is just seeing what i want to see of if i am seeing it becuase there is more of it.

If I am wrong I will gladly hold my hands up and say ok I am wrong but you have the EDL who take to streets , have quite a large following and that is only on facebook without who is off of it and you have Geert Wilders  , Pamela Geller and the other defense leagues around the world who all are saying come on Islamification is actually happening.

Churches being blown up , people who convert from islam to non islam in Iran being held prisoners becuase of this , terrorists being arrested here  , there and everywhere and then of course you have Mr Choudray and his people who spew thier hatred and are protected by the police , Hook who is inside , the Jordanian hate preacher Qatada who is using British money to stay in this country.

Even Cameron has said Multicultralism is not working as if you look it , people naturally move towards thier own kind of people , something they will have something or someone they will have something in common with which is natural and if people feel comfortable doing that then thats what will happen.

So the Question Islamification – Fact or Fiction

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The Olympics – EPIC FAIL

The Olympics if you had not guessed is just around the corner – Time to celebrate –

I think you will find the 2012 olympic games is far removed from the original games in tension , It was all about sport to start with , Today it is all about Money and politics.

As of Midnight last night Friday 13th July no fly zones or zones which you will need special permission to fly into came affect in and around the Olympic venues.

The skies will be patrolled by RAF Typhoon Jets which will be scrambled if the need arises to escort an UN-AUTHORISED entry away from the no fly zone.

Along with them which will be based at RAF Northolt (the first time since world war 2 jet fighters will have been there) , there is also 6 venues in London where surface to air missiles will be placed so if the need arises they can shoot something down , Im sure shooting down any type of aeroplane above a city will cause great and widespread damage and death.    EPIC FAIL 1

Now along with them they were going to have 13,500 military personnel protecting the games , but that has since gone up because  G4S (Group 4 security as it was known) who have been hired to employ security and stewards have failed to get enough people.

The boss of G4S has said he is not sure if all the staff they have employed speak English – EPIC FAIL 2 , Also many of the people hired have not had security checks – EPIC FAIL 3 which leads us to ask the question is the games safe , are the people attending and are the athletes safe.

We saw a report last week that said that “a tagged ” extremist who wa snot meant to go anywhere near the Strattford site had done so via a train and had been allowed to even though they were tagged and tracked – EPIC FAIL 4 , This makes you think that they were testing the olympic security and one wonders who was with them and what they got out of it.


Now the Olympics is meant to be a whole heap of fun and people are meant to get into the spirit of the games.

But you can do this only if you follow the IOC (International Olympic Committee) rules and regulations that means no free trade of any sorts whatsoever and the rights of the olympics is protected by the olympic police who go round and say if you are or are not allowed to do that or show that or even display that.

Pubs will not be allowed to have a sign outside like they do for the football saying come and watch the games here because it is not allowed and they will stop it – I really cant see how hundreds of pubs in London and around the country can be stopped  from having signs outside.

Now Olympic lanes , I thought when i first heard this , it was something Usain Bolt was going to be using when he was running , but alas its not , within London and other places where the Olympics is taking place Olympic lanes for specialised cars have appeared , these lanes have special rules to them and that basically means unless you are in an authorised olympic vehicle you can not use them and will get fined for doing so , so driving down a road with a bus lane one side and an Olympic lane the other side the road will probably get pretty crowded and very slow -SUCH FUN

Are you getting bored yet , I have not yet covered the Puma and Sea King helicopters , the deployment of HMS bulkward and other ships to weymouth and other places  and the fact that if you try and make a few pounds from the games you will be stopped and arrested by the Olympic police.

It has also been suggested that you avoid the use of the London underground and other services such as the buses at peak games times and re-arrange your work schedule so as not to get caught up in the people and the event staff going to and from the venues.

In fact it was suggested that people work from home – I can see the shop workers in London and places , cabbies and paramedics all having a great day working from home.

Right – how about a new law which we had to introduce to get the games , the law is infact an act and is called “The London Olympic games and Paralympic games act 2006 , it provides so i am told protection for people who have paid to sponsor and use the brand the olympics so nobody else can do so.

Apparently Sainsbury is the official sponsor of the olympics and can promote it , but Asda is not and can not do so , instructions have gone out saying do not promote anything , but they can have a few union jacks left up , left over from the Jubilee.

There are also listed words you can not use in advertising unless you have permission and they include – Two thousand and twelve / Twenty twelve / London / sponsor /Medals / Gold /Silver / Bronze and even the word summer –

So if you run a shop and Usain Bolt wins the 10 gold medals and for some reason comes into your shop and buys a new bandanna , You would not be able to sell shirts saying Usain bolt shops here as it is not allowed , Im sure that goes against freedom of enterprise – EPIC FAIL

You also have shops in the local areas with deliver restrictions so they can not deliver an disrupt the roads during the day so they have to do it at night

And then you have our friend David Cameron who promotes the family life style in his “Big Society” and then goes against everything to help families by saying , we will let all shops and supermarkets open 24 hours a day every day including Sundays for 8 weeks over the Olympics – This starts July 22nd – so if you wanted to sit at home with your family and watch the Olympics and work in a shop , you are unlucky cos Dave has said your place of work on a Sunday can now open Longer than the 7 or 8 hours you are normally allowed – MAJOR EPIC FAIL


Lets look at the numbers who will be travelling around on top on the normal people who commute around the city.

8.8 Million tickets went on sale for the Olympics and 2 million for the paralympics ,8 million people more over 2 weeks , plus people who just show up to see what they can get out of it and add to that the high class escorts who will be in the city to pick up the business and the lower class ones , then you have the thieves and pick pockets and beggars – All good so far –

On top of that you have the 10,000 athletes for the Olympics in the Olympic lanes and 4000 for the paralympics , 10,000 officials and 5000 paid officials.

The London transport system struggles on a good day to cope , so I am unsure what will happen over the Olympics.

Finally you have to remember that the Olympics is just about the sport and nothing else – so that is why when the logo for the London 2012 Olympics was unveiled , Palestine I think it was threatened to boycott games because the wording if you look close enough looks like the word “ZION”


Anyway let the games begin

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